le sud『南へ ~ 地中海の見える家』2024.06.14

le sud ~ ヴィンテージを愉しむ暮らし 2024 été
『南へ ~ 地中海の見える家』

○期間:2024年7月19日(金)~ 9月9日(月)
 ※イデーショップ 自由が丘店のみ6月28日(金)~
○開催店舗:イデーショップ各店イデーショップ オンライン


In the enchanting port towns along the Mediterranean coast, where cultures blend seamlessly, the essence and people of Southern Europe and North Africa converge. Here, everyday life is woven from a rich tapestry of traditions and styles, creating a vibrant, harmonious mosaic.
This summer at IDÉE, we invite you to explore a curated collection of European vintage furniture and treasures, sourced from the South of France, complemented by unique finds from Morocco and other African countries. Adding Scandinavian and Asian vintage items, we propose and showcase a coordination of these pieces all blended beautifully together while envisioning a home with a view of the Mediterranean sea, where the spirit of its inhabitants breathes life into every corner.
Join us at IDÉE to discover your favorite vintage item in an airy setting that captures the feel of a refreshing sea breeze. Let the charm of the sea inspire your home and your life.